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February 2, 2022


  • Users who are successful in getting a pack can choose to hold on to their digital collectibles if they fancy the player, team, moment type, etc., or if they think it is a rare collectible
  • Users also hold on to a digital collectible if they believe that it has financial asset value, or utility value in a FanCraze game
  • However, users can always choose to put the digital collectible on sale on FanCraze’s peer-to-peer marketplace for someone else to buy it


  • An owner looking to sell first needs to list the digital collectible for sale. The owner can see what price other owners have listed similar digital collectibles at before deciding on their own listing price
  • A user looking to buy a digital collectible from the marketplace can search for digital collectibles belonging to a specific player, team, or tournament
  • Additionally, a prospective buyer can also sort the marketplace listings and apply filters such as player name, team name, rarity, player level, and a dozen other criteria
  • Once a prospective buyer has selected the digital collectible they want to purchase, they also need to select a specific serial number of the digital collectible
  • Buyers can sort all the copies of a particular digital collectible by serial number, price, game points, and other such criteria
  • Prospective buyers can also add certain digital collectibles to their Watchlist in case they want to buy them in the future or track their transaction activity
  • Users can check out the past transaction history for all copies of a particular digital collectible


  1. Make sure you are logged in and then go to the Collection Tab
  2. Click on the NFTs tab within Collection
  3. Once inside the NFTs tab, click on a particular NFT. This will open the NFT details page 
  4. Here you will see the button which says 'Place For Sale'. Clicking on it opens up a modal (i.e. a pop-up)
  5. On this modal: You can enter and confirm the listing price. You will also be able to see what prices other users have listed the various copies of this same NFT at. You will be shown the total sales proceeds that you will receive if this NFT is purchased by another user after the deduction of the marketplace fees
  6. Placing the NFT for sale is an on-chain transaction and typically takes anywhere between 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Please do not click refresh, the transaction may take some time but it should go through 
  7. For every NFT, the minimum listing price is $3
  8. Once you have placed the NFT for sale, you cannot delete the listing for 1 minute. Moreover, you cannot list any other NFT for sale in this 1 minute. This is referred to as the 'cooling down period' and is implemented to ensure that the blockchain is not crowded or spammed thereby ensuring a smooth experience for all users. In times of excessive load, the company can adjust the cooling down period from 1 to 5 minutes
  9. Once the cooling down period has ended, you can list another NFT for sale. If at this point, you wish to change the listing price, you can do so by simply canceling the listing and then re-listing the NFT at the new price


FanCraze makes it super simple for users to sort listings on the marketplace:

  • Sort by Price (Ascending or Descending)
  • Sort by Player Name or Team Name
  • Sort by Primary Skill (Batter, Bowler, All-Rounder)
  • Sort by Listing Date (Most Recent to Oldest)

Buyers can also filter listings on the marketplace to narrow down their search:

  • Filter by Rarity
  • Filter by Serial Number
  • Filter by Player Gender
  • Filter by Player Level
  • Filter by NFT Quality
  • Filter by Team
  • Filter by Tournament
  • Filter by Edition


Our marketplace fee is 7% of the selling price. Fees are only charged to sellers.


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