Pack Drops

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January 27, 2022
Pack Drops


Pack Drops are announced by FanCraze a few days before they happen, both via email and on our Discord server.

The pack drop announcement includes details about the pack including pack price, number of digital collectibles in the pack, rarity of the digital collectibles in the pack, total number of packs available in the drop, maximum number of packs that a single user can buy, and the details of the digital collectibles that the user may get in the drop

FanCraze releases different types of packs costing between $5 and $299. Pack price is a function of the number and rarity of digital collectibles in the pack.


Users typically have a 45 minute period before the pack drop goes live whereby they can come to the FanCraze website, and join the waiting room for the pack drop. Joining the waiting room blocks a random place for the user in the pack purchase queue. A user can come and join the waiting room at any time during this 45 minute period.

A user can leave the waiting room and re-join before the 45 minute period ends if he or she wishes to do so. In order to leave the waiting room, the user will have to click a specific button/link; simply closing the webpage or the app will not result in the user leaving the waiting room.

At the end of this period, all the users who have joined the waiting room will be allotted a random position in the queue. This queue position is not based on a first-come first-serve basis, and any user that joins the waiting room will be randomly allotted a position in the queue. Getting into the queue does not guarantee that the user will get a pack.

During the waiting room period, users are advised to add funds beforehand to ensure a smooth experience while purchasing the pack.


After the waiting room has closed, there will be a break for 15 minutes. At the end of this 15 minute break, users who have joined the waiting room will automatically be redirected to the queue page where they will be able to see their randomly-assigned position in the queue, and how many users are ahead of them. Users who did not join the waiting room will have to visit the packs page and ‘Join the Drop’. These users will be given a spot at the end of the queue upon joining the pack drop.

As more packs are bought, the user's position in the queue keeps moving forward. Once the user has reached the front of the queue, the user will be redirected to the pack purchase screen where they will be given 10 minutes to make the payment to purchase the pack. Please note that multiple users are able to transact simultaneously, so even if there are 100 users ahead of you, your turn can come within minutes.

‍The user can also choose the ‘Notify Me’ option while they are waiting in the queue. The FanCraze team will send the user an email to come back to the platform and purchase the pack so that they do not miss out on their turn to purchase the pack. If a user misses his turn to purchase a pack, they will have to rejoin and will be added to the end of the queue. Note: Email delivery might be delayed at times, we would request you to stay on the purchase screen or check the status at regular intervals to avoid missing your turn.

If the user’s FanCraze balance is higher than the pack purchase price, then the user can simply proceed to purchase the pack paying from his FanCraze balance. In case, the user’s balance is insufficient to purchase the pack, then the user will be requested to add funds. Users can add funds to their FanCraze wallet. Once the user’s FanCraze balance is more than the pack purchase price, then the user can proceed to purchase the pack. As a user has 10 minutes to buy the pack it is recommended for them to add funds and complete KYC before the drop itself as the user will lose their position in the queue if the transaction isn’t complete within the designated time.


All marketplace activity is usually turned off during the pack drop period. This will be done to ensure that we do not put too much load on the backend system and to ensure the blockchain is not overloaded. The marketplace will be turned back on as soon as the pack drop is complete.


Once the user has purchased the pack, the pack will be allotted to the user (the user can check the transaction status on Flow Scan). The user can view the purchased pack within his profile under the packs section.

‍The user will be able to open the pack and view the NFTs a few hours after the pack sale is over; this is done to reduce the burden on the blockchain during a live pack sale.

‍Once, a user’s pack is ready to be opened. They will be notified via email that their pack is ready to be opened. A user can now open his pack and reveal their NFTs. The user’s NFTs will be visible in the profile section under NFTs.

If all the packs are sold out and you do not get one, you can always come to the marketplace and snag your favorite moments. In case the packs don’t sell out, then the remaining packs will be available to all users on a first-come first-serve basis subject to a limit of 1 additional pack per user.


While we're working hard to reduce interruptions on our end, there may be instances in which we’re forced to pause or delay the queue.


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