Pack Drops: Understanding The Queue

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May 22, 2024
Pack Drops: Understanding The Queue

What are Pack Drops?

FanCraze Pack Drops are exciting events where collectors and fans get a chance to acquire unique and exclusive cricket collectibles. These packs vary in price, rarity, and the digital collectibles they contain.

The prices of these packs can range from $3 to $299, depending on factors such as the number of collectibles included, players featured and their rarities. Each pack drop announcement details the pack price, the number of collectibles, featured players, their rarity, the total number of packs available, and the maximum number of packs a user can buy.

With a system designed to ensure fairness and excitement, participants can join waiting rooms, secure their spot in purchase queues, and potentially land highly coveted collectibles.

There are two types of packs at FanCrazes: 'Always On' and 'Pack Drops'. This blog will delve into everything you need to know about Pack Drops. For details on Always On packs, please check out our Instant Buy blog.

How to Join the Waiting Room? 

The Waiting Room: The waiting room is a buffer zone that allows all interested and eligible collectors to join before a pack drop begins to ensure equity and give every user a chance to secure their spot in the queue.

The Waiting Window: Before a pack drop goes live, collectors have 15-45 minutes (duration varies with different packs) to join the waiting room on the FanCraze website. The waiting room normally closes approximately 10 minutes before a pack drops starts. All users who were in the waiting room at this time are then shuffled and put into a randomized queue order for the pack purchase making sure that everyone has an equal chance of getting a pack irrespective of when they joined the waiting room.

Leaving and Rejoining the waiting: You can join and re-join the waiting room anytime before it closes. If you wish to leave the waiting room, you must do so by clicking on the leave the waiting room link. Merely closing the browser won't remove you from the room.

The Pack Drop Process

Queue Assignment and Funding: After the waiting room closes, users are randomly assigned positions in the purchase queue to ensure fairness. To prepare for a smooth transaction, it’s recommended to fund your account beforehand, especially for high-demand drops so you can easily buy the pack when your turn comes.

During the Pack Drop: Once the waiting room closes and after a brief 10-minute break, users can see their queue position. Users not in the waiting room can still join the drop but will be placed at the end of the queue. 

Purchasing and Notifications: When it's your turn at the front of the queue, you’ll have 10 minutes to make the payment and complete the pack purchase. If the pack purchase isn’t completed in this 10 min period, then your turn expires and you will be placed at the end of the queue. Users can opt for email notifications to avoid missing their turn, but staying on the purchase page is advisable due to potential email delays.

If you’ve already purchased a pack and the overall pack limit allows you to buy more packs, you can always choose to re-join the queue post your purchase to buy more packs.

After Purchasing a Pack

Viewing Your Pack: After purchasing, your pack appears in the "Packs" section under the “Your Club” section. Opening the pack and viewing the collectibles you snagged is possible instantly or a few hours post-sale depending on the pack.

If Packs Sell Out:  As packs have limited supply there are chances that your turn doesn’t come at the front of the queue. If you miss out on a pack, you can still snag your favourite moments from the Marketplace.

How does Pack Pre-Payment work?

FanCraze offers a pack Pre-Payment option that allows you to automatically complete the process and purchases the pack for you once your turn arrives at the front of the queue, based on your randomized allotted spot.

Note: Pre-paying for a pack doesn’t guarantee that you will get a pack. It only automates the process for you allowing you to buy packs without being online during the drop timings.

Pack Pre-Payment automatically enters you in the waiting room and purchases the pack for you if your turn comes at the front of the queue. If the pack gets sold out before your turn comes at the front of the queue, then the pre-payment amount will be refunded to you after the pack sale has ended.

You can utilize this feature from the moment the Pack Drop is announced. Opting for Pre-Payment ensures a smoother and quicker transaction, enabling you to secure your collectibles without the need to manually enter the waiting room or making the payment when your turn comes up.

How Do You Keep Track of Upcoming Pack Drops?

Join the Discord Server: Get real-time updates, interact with the community, and access exclusive insights.

Subscribe to Email Alerts: Receive announcements and details about upcoming drops directly in your inbox.

Follow on Social Media: Keep an eye on FanCraze's social media handles for reminders and sneak peeks of new drops.

Check the Official Website: Visit regularly for official announcements and detailed information on Pack Drops.


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