Instant Buy: Enhance Your Collection

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May 13, 2024
Instant Buy: Enhance Your Collection

The Instant Buy section at FanCraze stands out as a direct and hassle-free method to purchase collectibles. Although the purchasing process is the same for both Marketplace and Instant Buy, in Marketplace, you’re buying collectibles from other users on the platform, and the value and availability of these fluctuate based on rarity and demand. In contrast, in the Instant Buy section, you can buy these collectibles directly from FanCraze, and the prices remain consistent.

In this blog, we will dive into the details of the Instant Buy section and understand how it can enhance your collection and overall experience on the platform.

How to Access the Instant Buy Feature on FanCraze? 

To access the Instant Buy feature in your FanCraze account, start by navigating to the "Market" option, which you'll find in the top right corner of your screen. 

Once you click on "Market," two sections will appear: 'Trade' and 'Instant Buy.' Click on 'Instant Buy' to access this specific section. 

Upon selecting Instant Buy, you'll be presented with three categories to choose from: Packs, Pro Collectibles, and Flash Cards.


Packs are the primary way through which new moments are introduced into FanCraze’s ecosystem.

Packs contain a selection of digital collectibles, which might include moments/cards of varying rarities and even certain rewards at times. The player name, moment/card and the rarity of the collectibles available in each pack are disclosed before the pack is released.

Pack drops often coincide with upcoming tournaments or special events, bringing themed packs like "COTG Packs," "World Cup Packs," ‘Indian T20 League Pack’ and Player-Centric Packs, which are available during a specific time-period.

For example, the Game changers Pack featured exclusive moments of cricketing legends, MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar. Additionally, Indian T20 League Team Packs have garnered considerable attention from collectors.

Availability of Packs can vary; some are constantly available ("Always On" packs), while others “Pack Drops” are available for a limited time and more restricted in terms of supply.

For new collectors, "Always On" packs are an excellent starting point. These packs are available for a longer duration and can be purchased instantly. These packs provide a foundational assortment of moments to kickstart your collection.

Pro Collectibles

Pro Collectibles represent the dominant and higher-value moments/cards on the platform. These can be freely traded on the Marketplace, and include collectibles belonging to Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary & Genesis rarities. 

These collectibles aren't just for collection benefits, but they're also utilized in the platform's Pro & Super Pro Mode in SuperTeam. 

In the Instant Buy section, Pro Collectibles have a limited supply and are available for purchase only for a limited duration, the details of which are provided on the same page.

On purchasing Pro collectibles from the Instant Buy section, buyers have the flexibility to pay a part of the total price using Flexible FC Credits.

Pro Collectibles on the Instant Buy page offer fixed Collectible Points (CP) based on rarity: Epic (80 Points),Rare (40 Points), and Common (25 Points).

Notably, as opposed to the peer-to-peer Marketplace, Pro Collectibles on Instant Buy are directly sold by FanCraze.

Flash Cards

These are collectibles that focus exclusively on the gamification aspect of FanCraze.

The cost of Flash Cards is determined by the player's level depicted in the moment/card, and they typically offer collectible points ranging from 5 to 10.

Flash Cards are ideal for those who are getting started with SuperTeam and are more interested in the gaming utility of their collectibles.

To conclude, the Instant Buy section at FanCraze provides a great way to enhance your collection, whether you're starting with Packs, expanding with Pro Collectibles, or exploring the gaming utility of Flash Cards. It streamlines your buying journey and makes it easier to find the perfect collectibles to complement your FanCraze experience.




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