What Are Collectible Points?

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May 7, 2024
What Are Collectible Points?

Collectible Points (CP) are a dynamic metric used to determine the value and power of each card or moment in your collection.

These Collectible Points play a big role in determining the rewards you win from a game. In Flash Games, your team's total Collectible Points significantly influence your Rewards Multiplier, which then boosts the rewards you're eligible to receive.

In short, a higher accumulation of Collectible Points leads to an enhanced Rewards Multiplier, thereby boosting your chances for more substantial rewards.

Where Can I Check Collectible Points?

Collectible Points are prominently displayed in various areas within the game’s ecosystem, making them easily accessible for strategic planning:

Your Club: For all the collectibles you already own, you can view their respective Collectible Points displayed beneath each specific moment or card in your collection.

Marketplace/Instant Buy: When browsing collectibles on the Marketplace/Instant Buy, you can view the CP ranges. To see the exact Collectible Points, you need to click on ‘Select and Buy’ for detailed information.

Moment Page: Specific details about each collectible, including its Collectible Points, are available on individual moment pages.

Team Selection: During the process of making your team for Pro Games, the Collectible Points are present on each collectible.

The points highlighted in different colours above the collectible rarity represent Collectible Points.

Rarity-Based Collectible Points (Ranges)

Collectible Points are primarily determined by the rarity of the collectibles, establishing a range that reflects their scarcity and potential effectiveness in gameplay:

  • Legendary: 90-100 points
  • Epic: 70-100 points
  • Rare: 30-60 points
  • Common: 15-45 points
  • Flash: 5-10 points

Permanent CP Floors

Top/Jersey/Perfect Serials have an added benefit in terms of their permanent CP floors:

Top 25% Serials of Epics are at 80 CP

  • No. 1, Perfect, and Jersey Serials = 100 CP, which is the maximum possible CP for that rarity range.

Top 25% Serials of Rares are at 40 CP

  • No. 1, Perfect, and Jersey serials = 60 CP, which is the maximum possible CP for that rarity range.

Top 25% Serials of Commons are at 25 CP

  • No. 1, Perfect, and Jersey serials = 45 CP, which is the maximum possible CP for that rarity range.

Impact Of Usage In Flash Games

Every use of a collectible in a flash game slightly depletes its CP by 0.5. Importantly, CP will never drop below the minimum threshold specific to the collectible's rarity, ensuring that each collectible retains a base level of utility.

How Can I Increase Collectible Points?

Top-Ups: It is a feature by FanCraze that allows users to pay a fee to increase Collectible Points, regardless of whether it has decreased from its original value or not. Users can simply top it up to earn bigger rewards. 

The Top-Ups fee varies based on the skill level, the collectible's rarity, and its current CP. However, it is important to note that each collectible can only be topped up once every 30 days.

Additionally, users can also opt to buy better CP collectibles from the marketplace.

How Do Collectible Points Differ When Buying Specific Collectibles Vs Packs Under Instant Buy?

Specific Collectibles: In Pro Collectibles on Instant Buy, Collectible Points are fixed based on their rarity (e.g., 25 points for Common, 40 for Rare, and 80 for Epic).

Packs: The moments available in Packs feature a range of CP values even within the same rarity category, adding an element of luck and variability to the acquisition of new collectibles.

Summing It Up

Understanding Collectible Points (CP) is key to optimizing your game strategy and maximizing rewards. By increasing your collectibles' CP, you can strengthen your competitive advantage and achieve greater success in Flash games.


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