Top-Up To Boost Your Flash Game Rewards

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March 27, 2024
Top-Up To Boost Your Flash Game Rewards

Top-Ups are FanCraze’s latest feature that allow you to increase the Collectible Points (CP) of your moments/cards and boost the rewards you earn in Flash Games significantly.

Understanding and leveraging the Top-Ups feature can significantly enhance your FanCraze experience. This simple guide will help you understand how Top-Ups work and how you can leverage Top-Ups to craft a winning strategy in Flash Games.

What Are Top-Ups & What Are Its Advantages?

Each collectible comes with certain Collectible Points. As you use your collectibles in Flash Games, these Collectible Points decrease by 0.5 with each use. Top-Ups allow you to boost your Collectible Points.

The higher your team’s Total Collectible Points, the higher your Rewards Multiplier, and the higher the Cash Prizes you can win!

What Are Collectible Points?

Collectible Points (CP) are defined for each moment/card based on the following ranges for each rarity:

  • Legendary: 90-100 CP
  • Epic: 70-100 CP
  • Rare: 30-60 CP
  • Common: 15-45 CP

Collectible Points can never be topped-up beyond the higher end of these ranges, and can never fall below the lower end of these ranges.

Top-Up Frequency:

You can Top-Up a collectible once every 30 days.

No Minimum Limit:

You can Top-Up Collectible Points at any time subject to the 30-day rule; you don’t have to wait for the Collectible Points to drop below a specific threshold.

Top-Up Amount:

The Top-Up amount can range from anywhere between 1 point and 15 points. However, for collectibles with CP >=90, only a 5-point Top-Up is allowed.


If a collectible is acquired by a new owner, the new owner only needs to wait for the leftover time from the previous owner's 30-day Top-Up period before they can Top-Up the collectible again.

For example: if the previous owner topped up a collectible 10 days ago and then sold it, the new owner would only need to wait 20 more days to Top-Up again, instead of starting over with a full 30-day wait.


Top-Ups are strictly optional. Users can continue to use their collectibles in Flash Games even after they reach the lower end of the Collectible Points range for the respective rarities, which are as follows:

  • Legendary: 90 points
  • Epic: 70 points
  • Rare: 30 points
  • Common: 15 points

However, utilizing Top-Ups could allow you to win bigger cash rewards when you top the leaderboard.

Top-Up Costs

  • Top-Up costs are based on 2 main factors: the rarity  of the collectible and the player level
  • You can find the costs to upgrade your collectibles in the Top-Up Section of 'Your Club'
  • Note: The cost of the Top-Up will change based on the collectible & number of points you’re topping it up for

How To Top-Up? 

1. Head To Your Club:

Locate Pro Collectibles and select the 'Top-Ups' tab to proceed.

2. Choose Collectibles:

Pick the collectibles you wish to Top-Up and decide how many points you wish to Top Up for each collectible.

3. Review Costs:

Check the total cost for the selected Top-Ups and make the payment.


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