Refer and Earn

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November 14, 2023
Refer and Earn

Referral Program: Unlock a Goldmine of Opportunities with FanCraze!

Much like a flawless cover drive is complemented by a cheering audience, FanCraze truly comes alive when enjoyed with friends. We're excited to unveil our Referral Program, a celebration of the spirit of cricket, community, and connection.

For the Referrer:

Bringing friends in to FanCraze adds vibrancy to our community, sparking lively cricket discussions and exciting events. Moreover, both you and your referrals enjoy substantial rewards, earning up to a whopping $505 per user. Referring friends isn't just fun, but also rewarding!

1.      Instant Rewards upon Referee's KYC Completion

a)   Receive $5 in the form of FC Credits as soon as your referred friend completes their KYC.

 2.      Earn from Your Referred User’s Pack Purchases

Earn a rewarding 10% of the FC Cash your referred user spends on their pack purchases. For every purchase, the reward splits as 50% FC Cash and 50% FC Credits. (Remember; this doesn’t account for free, rental, onboarding packs, POTD or airdrops.)

a)      For instance, if your friend buys a pack and spends $100 in FC Cash, you effortlessly earn $5 in FC Cash and $5 in FC Credits.

b)     While the earning potential per referee caps at $250, think about the earnings from 10, 20, or even 100 friends!


3.      Reap Benefits from Your Referred User’s Winnings

Boost your earnings as you gain 10% from your referred user's winnings on FanCraze across Flash, Leagues & Sets.

a)     Picture this: For a $1,000 prize won by your friend, with a 50-50 FC Cash-FC Credits split, your account receives $50 in both FC Cash and FC Credits.

b)     While there’s a lifetime cap of $250 from each referred user’s rewards, the sky's the limit when you bring in a galaxy of friends.


For the Referred User

Beyond reaping fantastic rewards up to $505, you'll connect with fellow enthusiasts who share your fervor for the sport. 

It's not solely about watching cricket; it's about belonging to a community that wholeheartedly adores and revels in the game, just like you. 

1.      Instant Rewards upon Joining

Jumpstart your FanCraze experience! Upon signing up with a referral code, immediately avail $1 FC Cash + $50 FC Coins.

2.      Bumper Rewards on your First and Second Pack Purchases

a) For your first pack purchase above $5 in FC Cash, enjoy an additional reward of $2 FC Cash.

b) Your second pack purchase above $5 in FC Cash also comes with an added reward of $2 FC Cash.

(Note: This Doesn’t include free, rental, onboarding packs, POTD, or airdrops.)

Are you ready to embrace your love for cricket? Kick off with our Referral Program by inviting someone you know to join FanCraze. They'll begin their journey with an exclusive digital collectible, and you'll both be on your way to earning rewards! 

Enjoy the referral journey!  


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