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April 30, 2022


Flash is a proprietary™ FanCraze utility for owners of all FanCraze NFTs (including Crictos). It is a mechanism designed to encourage fans to become collectors and to build an all-round NFT collection across eras, players, countries, formats, and tournaments. Flash is a game of strategy and skill, and fans/collectors can play it year round thereby allowing them to be continually engaged with the sport


  • Flash involves a FanCraze NFT owner submitting a set of 4-12 NFTs depending on the criteria of the specific Flash instance
  • A Flash instance is a time-bound event and can last anywhere between 6 hours and 48 hours
  • The criteria for submitting a set can change with every Flash instance
  • Such criteria are drafted in order to ensure that retired legends and players who are not involved in current live action form an integral part of each set. Moreover, the set requirements are balanced to ensure that all types of users can participate and earn rewards irrespective of their wallet spend provided they pick the right strategy and mix of NFTs in the submitted set
  • One of the NFTs needed to complete the set has to come from a $5-10 Pack of the Day. Each Pack of the Day contains exactly 1 NFT and the user can buy 1 out of the 3-5 available Packs of the Day to complete their set


  • Users will be presented a screen with slots for 4-12 NFTs with the description of the criteria for the NFTs that are eligible for each slot
  • Users can select an eligible NFT from their existing collection for a particular slot provided the NFT is not listed for sale on the marketplace
  • Alternatively, users can buy another eligible NFT from the marketplace and thereafter submit it for a particular slot
  • Once the user has submitted an NFT for each of the slots needed to complete the set for the Flash instance, the user is asked to assign 4 multipliers to any 4 of the NFTs in their set. The multipliers are 2x, 1.75x, 1.5x and 1.25x. The multipliers for the remaining NFTs in the set, if any, are given a default value of 1x
  • Once a user has submitted a set, they cannot place any of the NFTs used in the Flash instance for sale on the marketplace until the Flash instance is complete i.e. the NFTs are locked for the duration of the Flash instance
  • FanCraze can run multiple instances of Flash everyday with different criteria. At the moment, users will be able to submit one entry (i.e. set) per Flash instance but over time a user can submit multiple entries (i.e. sets) per Flash instance


  • At a predetermined point during the Flash instance, the user can choose to swap one NFT with another NFT. The user will lose any points accrued by the NFT being swapped out until this point in time and will only receive points for the new NFT that is swapped in
  • A swap is not compulsory. Users may choose not to swap any of the NFTs and can retain the set they originally submitted for the entire duration of the Flash instance


  • At the end of the Flash instance, each of the NFTs in the set submitted by the user accrues points based on FanCraze’s scoring logic (see below) following which the user-selected multipliers are applied to the points accrued by each NFT
  • Finally, the points are summed up across all the NFTs in the set and a leaderboard is formed
  • Users are given prizes based on their ranking on the leaderboard. Prizes are either scarce NFTs, FanCraze Balance, Rewards Balance, or any other worthy experience depending on the pre-communicated prize distribution
  • Users continue to retain ownership of the NFTs they submitted as a part of the Flash instance


  • Each NFT has a cap on the number of times it can be used within Flash
  • The cap is a function of the rarity of the NFT. For example, a Common NFT can be used 10 times, a Rare NFT can be used 25 times, and an Epic NFT can be used infinitely without any limit
  • However, if an NFT is sold on the marketplace, the usage number resets and the new owner can use it as many times as the cap permits him or her to irrespective of how many times the NFT was used by the previous owner


  • We understand that all users will not have robust and large NFT collections to complete sets regularly. So, we have introduced a new category of NFTs specifically for this utility. These are known as Flash NFTs
  • Users can buy packs of 5-15 Flash NFTs at a cost of $2.0 - $3.0 per Flash NFT
  • Flash NFTs cannot be traded on the marketplace and are burned once they have been used twice
  • We have taken care to design a system wherein Common and Rare NFTs are usable 5x (10 vs. 2) and 12.5x (25 vs. 2) more than Flash NFTs. Additionally, the fact that Common and Rare NFTs are tradable whereas Flash NFTs are not should mean that the introduction of Flash NFTs does not impact the value of Common and Rare NFTs. Moreover, Common and Rare NFTs will be usable across all games in the FanCraze metaverse


Each NFT can accrue a maximum of 100 points. The points (out of 100) are then scaled by the user-selected multiplier for that particular NFT. Breakdown of the 100 points that each NFT can accrue:

1. NFT Level: 25 points
NFTs accrue between 20-25 points depending on the NFT Level. For certain slots within the set, Level 3 NFTs accrue 25 points whereas in other cases Level 1 NFTs accrue 25 points. Level 2 NFTs always accrue 22 points

2. NFT Rarity: 25 points
Epic/Legendary: 25, Rare: 20, Common: 15, Flash NFT: 15

3. NFT Serial Number: 25 points
Top 25%: 25, Middle 50%: 23, Bottom 25%: 22, Flash NFT: 21

4. Interactive Score: 20 points
Normalized percentile scores are calculated across all the eligible NFTs based on the dynamic player performance, the marketplace activity of the NFT during the Flash instance, or the NFT class

5. Winning Team / Badges: 5 points
0-5 points depending on number of badges and whether the NFT was on the winning team