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October 27, 2022

What is the ICC Men's T20 World Cup Flash League?

The Flash League is a season-long game introduced by FanCraze starting with the T20 World Cup. It is based on the Flash Games that have become so popular but has some important nuances which are detailed below.

What are the requirements to join the League?

  • Users need to submit a set of 11 Flash NFTs including 4 Batters, 4 Bowlers, and 3 All-Rounders
  • Users are given a pool of NFTs representing all the cricketers who are playing in the Super 12s of the 2022 ICC Men's T20 World Cup and have a Flash NFT currently available on FanCraze
  • Once the users have selected their set of 11 NFTs, they need to assign 4 multipliers to 4 NFTs in their set
  • The multipliers for the League are: 1.5x, 1.4x, 1.3x, and 1.2x
  • Finally, the users need to make a payment in lieu of getting access to the pool of NFTs before they can submit their sets to join the League

When does the League start?

  • The League starts at 3:00 AM UTC on Thursday, October 27th after the first ball of the match between South Africa and Bangladesh is bowled

When does the League end?

  • The League ends on Sunday, November 13th after the last ball of the ICC Men's T20 World Cup Final
  • The League covers 24 matches in total

I see that there are two Leagues - A and B. What is the difference between them?

  • The 2 Leagues A and B work in pretty much the same manner except for the price users need to pay to get access to the pool of NFTs
  • Users need to buy a $25 pack to be eligible for League A and a $7 pack to be eligible for League B

How many sets can I submit in a particular League?

  • Users can submit upto a maximum of 5 sets in a particular League

Am I alllowed to make changes to my set over the course of the League?

  • Yes, you are allowed to make a maximum of 70 changes over the course of the 24 matches in the League

How do you account for the number of changes that I make to my set?

  • We compare your original and updated sets to calculate the number of Flash NFTs that were swapped
  • You can change multipliers for FREE
  • Every time you make a proposed change to your set, FanCraze shows a confirmation screen that provides you with information about the number of changes made by you and how many changes out of the 70 cap are still remaining
  • We only make the changes if you click Yes on the confirmation screen

When can I make the changes to my set?

  • Users can only make changes between 2 matches
  • Users need to make changes after the last ball of a particular match and before the first ball of the next match on the T20 World Cup schedule
  • Once the match starts, users' sets are locked. Users cannot make any changes to their sets during a match
  • Users sets are unlocked at the end of a match

How many changes can I make every match?

  • There is no match-wise limit. Users only need to stick to the League-wide limit of 70 changes

Will I be able to see the number of changes remaining?

  • Yes, the League UI will show the number of changes that are remaining in the users sets
  • Morever, every time the users make proposed changes to their sets, FanCraze shows a confirmation screen that provides information to the users about the number of changes they are making and how many changes out of the 70 max limit are still remaining

How do I score points for my set in every match?

  • For every match, we calculate points scored by each of the 11 NFTs in the user's set and then add them up to get the points scored by the set in that match
  • Each NFT in the set scores points as follows:
    (NFT Meta Data Points out of 75 for Rarity, Serial#, Level, Quality, and Crafting)
    (Dynamic Points * Multiplier)
  • It is important to note that for each match, we only score points for the 11 NFTs that are in the user's set after the set is locked

How are Dynamic Points allocated for my set in each match?

  • Dynamic Points for an NFT are scored at 25, 20, 15, 10, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 points for Ranks 1-10 respectively and 1 point for Ranks >=11. These Ranks are calculated using the existing scoring system based on the in-game performance of the players in a particular match
  • Dynamic Points are only scored by the NFTs belonging to players who are a part of the Starting XIs of either of the two teams playing the particular match
  • Dynamic Points for all other NFTs belonging to players who NOT a part of either of the two Starting XI's in the particular match are ZERO

How is the leaderboard calculated?

  • At the end of every match, the points scored by the user's set in that match are added to the user's cumulative score for the League
  • A leaderboard is being maintained based on the cumulative scores for all users, and prizes will be distributed based on the final standings after the World Cup Final on November 13

How does scoring work for abandoned games?

  • For abandoned games, Dynamic Points for all NFTs in a user's set will be ZERO
  • Any changes made to your set before an abandoned game will not be credited back

Join now at https://www.fancraze.com/play/flash/game/league