How FC Score Works?

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June 10, 2024
How FC Score Works?

FC Score System

Each collectible, depending on its rarity and attributes, is assigned an FC score out of a total of 1000 points. By combining these factors, the FC Score creates a comprehensive value indicator for each collectible.

This score impacts the collector rewards that users can earn. For example, a high FC Score collectible may offer greater rewards in leaderboards or be more sought-after in the marketplace, providing tangible benefits to the collector.

Here's a detailed look at the FC Score System:


  • Legendary/Epic: 200 points
  • Rare: 100 points
  • Common: 50 points

Collectible Quality

  • Q1 (highest quality): 200 points
  • Q2: 100 points
  • Q3: 50 points
  • Q4 (lowest quality): 25 points

Player Level

  • L1 (highest level): 200 points
  • L2: 100 points
  • L3: 50 points
  • L4 (lowest level): 25 points

Serial Number

  • #1/Jersey number: 200 points
  • Top 25%/Perfect: 100 points
  • Mid 50%: 50 points
  • Low 25%: 25 points


  • POTT (Player of the Tournament), Golden Bat/Golden Ball: 75 points
  • World Champion/FC Debut: 50 points
  • WC Final/WC Semi-Final/POTM (Player of the Match): 25 points


  • E1R1 (first edition, first release): 100 points
  • Current Edition: 75 points
  • Other E1: 50 points
  • Others: 25 points


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