Flash Scoring - Indian T20 League

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March 21, 2024
Flash Scoring - Indian T20 League

FanCraze has introduced a new scoring system that promises to elevate the fantasy gaming cricket experience for every user. The new system has been introduced with an aim to level the playing field.

Whether you're strategizing for the long haul or making quick-fire selections, knowing the ins and outs of FanCraze's points system is your ticket to gaining an edge. Here’s a detailed look into the specifics that could help you select the best team and increase your chances of winning.

Batting Points:

  • Run: +1
  • Boundary Bonus: +1
  • Six Bonus: +2
  • 30 Runs Bonus: +4
  • 50 Runs Bonus: +8
  • 100 Runs Bonus: +16
  • Duck (Batter, Wicket-Keeper, & All-Rounder): -2

Points To Note:

  • For centuries, only century points are awarded, no extra points for passing 30 or 50 runs. 
  • Runs from overthrows count for the striker, but no Boundary Bonus is awarded for overthrow boundaries.

Strike Rate Points (Except Bowlers; Minimum 10 Balls To Be Played):

  • More than 170 runs/100 balls: +6
  • 150.01-170 runs/100 balls: +4
  • 130-150 runs/100 balls: +2
  • 60-70 runs/100 balls: -2
  • 50-59.99 runs/100 balls: -4
  • Less than 50 runs/100 balls: -6

Points To Note:

  • Batters receive negative points only when their strike rate dips to 70 runs per 100 balls or lower.

Bowling Points:

  • Wicket: +25
  • LBW/Bowled Bonus: +8
  • 3 Wickets: +4
  • 4 Wickets: +8
  • 5 Wickets: +16
  • Maiden Over: +12

Economy Rate Points (Minimum 2 Overs To Be Bowled):

  • Less than 5 runs per over: +6
  • 5-5.99 runs per over: +4
  • 6-7 runs per over: +2
  • 10-11 runs per over: -2
  • 11.01-12 runs per over: -4
  • More than 12 runs per over: -6

Fielding Points:

  • Catch: +8
  • 3 Catches Bonus: +4
  • Stumping: +12 
  • Run Out (Direct): +12
  • Run Out (Not Direct): +6

Points To Note:

  • Points for a direct hit run out are credited to the fielder who makes the hit without assistance. 
  • For run outs involving multiple fielders, only the last two to touch the ball get points. 
  • A fielder earns a single 3 Catch Bonus of 4 points for taking more than three catches, regardless of the total number of catches taken.

Other Points:

  • Playing XI Appearance: +4

Important Substitute Rules:

  • X-Factor substitutes earn 4 points for being named and score points for on-field contributions based on FanCraze's Point System.
  • Concussion substitutes (applicable only in T20s, ODs, Tests, T10s, and The Hundred) receive 4 appearance points, plus points for all contributions as per our system.
  • Regular substitutes, except for Concussion or X-Factor substitutes, do not earn points for any contributions.
  • A player replaced by an X-Factor substitute but returning later will earn points for contributions. A non-announced substitute (other than a Concussion substitute) won't earn points.
  • Players transferred between teams may be selectable for their original team until the next update on FanCraze but won't score points during this period.
  • A player named in the starting eleven who doesn’t start the match won't score points. Their replacement, however, scores points for that match, including appearance points.
  • Actions in a Super Over or Super Five do not contribute to point tallies.


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