FanCraze Balances Explained

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April 29, 2024
FanCraze Balances Explained

FanCraze has a virtual economy consisting of FC Cash, Vouchers, and FC Credits. Each of these currencies have distinct characteristics and utilities, making the gaming experience versatile. Here’s a breakdown of how these currencies work.

What Is FC Cash?

FC Cash in FanCraze is a form of virtual currency that closely resembles real-world money. It's a key component of the platform's economy that offers tangible value to the users.

How To Attain FC Cash?

  • Deposits: Add cash directly to your FanCraze account.
  • Trading: By trading on the Marketplace.
  • Flash Games: Excel in Flash games to earn cash rewards.
  • Sets & Other Utilities: Complete Sets, Top Leaderboards and win big.

How To Use FC Cash?

  • Instant Buy: FC Cash is used to buy Packs, Pro Collectibles and Flash Cards directly from FC.
  • Marketplace Purchases: FC Cash is used to buy Pro Collectibles from other users on the platform.
  • Flash Games: FC Cash is used to purchase SOTM in Pro games and for upgrades in Nets.
  • Top Ups: FC Cash is also used to Top-Up your Collectible Points.
  • Others: FC Cash is the most powerful currency and can be used at almost every place on the platform.

What Are Vouchers? 

Vouchers serve as a unique form of currency within FanCraze that offers similar utilities to FC Cash. 

They can be acquired as rewards from participating in Flash games on the platform, completing sets, collection leaderboards & referring friends to FanCraze. Vouchers can be used everywhere on the platform where FC Cash can be used (Packs,Top Ups, Flash Cards, and SOTM Packs in Flash Games) except the marketplace.

It's important to note that while buying SOTM Packs in Flash games, vouchers are used before FC Cash from the wallet, if both are available.

A user has to claim their unclaimed vouchers from the wallet section post which it is added to their Non-Withdrawable cash balance.

Limitations Of Vouchers

Unlike regular FC Cash, Vouchers cannot be used in the marketplace to purchase collectibles. 

Furthermore, they are categorized under Non-Withdrawable Cash, similar to cash obtained through deposit bonuses, meaning they cannot be withdrawn from the platform.


What Are FC Credits? 

FC Credits are a flexible form of currency on FanCraze that can be used to make partial or complete payments for activities such as buying Pro Collectibles or Packs from the Instant Buy Section, pay a % of SOTM Pack for Flash games & for Topping Up your collectibles. FC Credits can neither be withdrawn nor used on the marketplace.

There are two types of FC Credits on the platform: Restricted and Flexible.

  • Restricted FC Credits can be used only for SOTM Pack Purchases.
  • Flexible FC Credits can be used to get discounts on Pack Drops, Pro Collectibles, Flash Cards, Top-Ups, and Shop purchases. 

How To Attain FC Credits?

  • Welcome Bonus: Upon joining FanCraze, you are welcomed with $53, out of which $50 is allocated as Restricted FC Credits and $3 is given as FC Cash Voucher.
  • Flash Game Leaderboards: Achieving higher positions in Flash games rewards you with FC Credits.
  • Collection Leaderboards & Sets: Completing certain sets and collection leaderboards also gives your FC Credits as rewards.

How To Use FC Credits?

  • Flash Games: Locked FC Credits are primarily used to purchase SOTM Packs In Flash games. Notably, Locked FC Credits used in the Flash Game are always rewarded back to the user.
  • Pack Drops: Flexible FC Credits can be used to cover a percentage of the total value when buying packs on FanCraze.
  • Instant Buy: You can apply a percentage of your Flexible FC Credits towards the purchase of moments from Pro Collectibles on Instant Buy.
  • Top-Ups: Flexible FC Credits can be used to cover a percentage of the total cost to top-up your Collectible Points.
  • Buying Merchandise: FC Credits can also be used for buying skins, merchandise, and other items.

By understanding and strategically using each type of currency on the platform, you can significantly improve your experience at FanCraze.


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