Collector Leaderboards

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June 18, 2024
Collector Leaderboards

FanCraze has introduced a game-changing feature to its platform: Collector Leaderboards

This innovative addition offers our community the chance to earn cash prizes and exclusive collectibles & rewards by showcasing their collections, amplifying the excitement and engagement of collecting.

Here's everything you need to know about how you can use your collection to climb the leaderboards and reap rewards.

What Are Collector Leaderboards?

Collector Leaderboards are "Always On," meaning that there's no need for you to lock your collectibles to participate.

Users' collectibles are automatically applied to the relevant Team & Player Leaderboards, so your collection works for you without any additional effort.

For instance, if you own a Common Team India moment of MS Dhoni, it will be automatically included in the Team India Leaderboard, as well as the Individual Player Leaderboard, should that exist.

Accessing the Collector Leaderboards

Start by visiting the 'Play' section on the FanCraze website.

Find and click on the 'Collector Leaderboards' option. You'll see two categories - 'Team' and 'Players':

  • Teams: Clicking 'Teams' displays all team leaderboards that are live. Select a Team (e.g., West Indies) to view your total collectibles for that team across different rarities, alongside the Leaderboards and your current rank.

  • Players: Selecting 'Players' showcases all the player leaderboards that are live currently. Clicking on a particular leaderboard showcases all the collectibles you own of the specific player, your Total FC Score across those collectibles, and your rank based on these metrics.

On selecting any leaderboard, you can check the leaderboard details which include the number of eligible collectibles for that leaderboard and their details.

Similarly, you can also view the collectible you own out of the eligible collectibles and the ones you still need to purchase. The leaderboard tab here allows you to check your current ranking and position on the leaderboard to win big rewards.

Upon selecting a specific team or player under the 'Teams'/ ‘Players’ category in the Leaderboards, you will be presented with two main types of leaderboards.

Types of Leaderboards

1) Total FC Score Leaderboard

  • This leaderboard celebrates the overall strength of your collection, measured by your FC Score along with the leaderboard boosts across the eligible collectibles for that leaderboard.

  • There are 2 variations of this leaderboard:
    • Cumulative Leaderboard: This showcase the overall FC score of all your eligible collectibles.
    • Most Improved Collection Leaderboard: This leaderboard ranks users based on the increase in their FC Score between a certain time period. This leaderboard allows users to improve their collections and win rewards.

  • Upon selecting the Total FC Score option, users will see a section titled "Previous Rewards," which displays the number of winners and the past rewards distributed. Adjacent to this information, the leaderboard shows current user rankings based on their FC Scores. 

  • Tie-Breaker: In case of a tie on FC Score, the user with the lesser number of owned eligible collectibles will win.

2) Complete Collection Leaderboard

  • Completeness is key here. This leaderboard challenges you to collect as many of the available unique moments or cards for a specific team or player. 

  • Upon selecting the Complete Collection option, users will see a section titled "Previous Rewards," which displays the number of past winners and the past rewards distributed. Adjacent to this information, the leaderboard shows current user rankings based on the number of collectibles and Total FC Score.

  • Tie-Breaker: In case of a tie on Complete Collection, the user with the higher FC Score across owned eligible collectibles will win.

Points to Note:

  • Collectibles not used in SuperTeam Games for 90+ days by the current owner receive a 2x multiplier on their FC Score.
  • Collectibles not listed on the Marketplace for 90+ days by the current owner receive a 1.5x multiplier.
  • If a collectible qualifies for both, only the 2x multiplier is applied to maximize the owner's potential reward.

Introductory Leaderboards

The Introductory Leaderboards offers a wide range of leaderboards that cater to all types of collectors. This includes various leaderboards:

  • 10 International Teams Leaderboards
  • 1 Associate Nations Leaderboard
  • 1 Women’s Cricketers Leaderboard
  • Additional leaderboards for SA20, English Counties, IPL Teams, and TNPL
  • Individual Leaderboards for 15-20 players

Unlock the full potential of your collectibles with Collector Leaderboards. This feature adds significant value to your collection without the need to lock your collectibles. Simply collect and win rewards as your collectibles automatically count towards Leaderboards for teams and players.


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