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April 16, 2024

FanCraze has introduced a new feature called "Burn & Earn," where you can burn certain collectibles. But what does it mean to "burn" a collectible?

Simply put, burning is the process of permanently removing a collectible from existence, effectively reducing the serial numbers in circulation for that collectible group.

You can earn Trade Tickets in return for burning your collectibles. These Trade Tickets can then be used to get exclusive packs. This is an innovative way to refresh your collection and earn something valuable in return.

Which Collectibles Are Eligible?

Not all collectibles are eligible for Burn & Earn. FanCraze updates the list of eligible items monthly, using various metrics to decide which collectibles can be burned. You can check the list of the collectibles that are eligible for burning from the Burn & Earn section of Your Club.

What Are Trade Tickets?

The Trade Tickets you receive in exchange for burning your collectibles are essentially your key to unlocking new collectibles. The number of Trade Tickets you earn depends on several factors, including the Collectible Rarity, Collectible Serial, Player Level and the Player Form.

FanCraze will drop special packs that can be purchased either using Trade Tickets only, or by using a combination of Trade Tickets and Cash.

Are There Any Limits On How Many Collectibles I Can Burn?

Within any 24-hour period, you can burn up to 20% of your collection (excluding Flash Cards) or 20 collectibles whichever is lower.

How To Burn & Earn?

1. Head To Your Club:

Locate Pro Collectibles and select 'Burn & Earn' to proceed.

2. Choose Collectibles:

Browse through the eligible collectibles and select the ones you wish to burn.

3. Review And Confirm:

You'll see a summary of the collectibles you're about to burn and the number of Trade Tickets you'll receive.

4. Ignite The Burn:

Once you click on ‘Burn Collectibles’, your selected items will be permanently removed from circulation, and the corresponding number of Trade Tickets will be added to your account.


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